beagle radon testing


     I have been involved in residential construction for most of my life. I have experience in landscaping, swimming pool installation, sprinkler system installation and refit, custom home building and basement finishing and remodeling. I know how a house should be built. 

    I formed Beagle Home Inspections, LLC in September of 2018 to help people understand their homes as not only a structure, but a living, breathing, entity, that needs care and maintanence. At Beagle Home Inspections, LLC we perform residential inspections for homes, condominums, log homes and apartments. We also do sewer scoping, deck inspections, and of course radon testing.

     We offer residential radon testing for home buyers, sellers, renters or to home owners that just want to see what their radon levels are in their homes.  The radon test takes  2-5 days depending on the specifics of the property.